About Us


About us

We are a digital marketing agency with over 15 years of experience in engagement mechanics, interactivity and mobile marketing. For us, creativity is in simbiose with new media’s innovative technology, with a goal to obtain results that can be easily measured. 

Our solid and proactive team has formed a core ever since 2002 and it is recognized for its exceptional service and the fast implementation times, which are applauded by our clients.

The quality, expertise, innovation and efficiency of our work are all transformed into maximum results for the projects that we are involved in. 

Our experience in digital marketing has shown us that in order to offer consumers unique brand experiences, the interaction has to extend beyond the online world.

Thus, from 2015, we have created memorable interactive experiences and we have provided digital interaction components to consumers right in their authentic environment - the offline world, through our division Experiential by Syscom Digital. We make customized digital constructions that help us offer unique activations with real-time connectivity from online to offline and vice versa.  Also, since 2018 we have founded the Interactive Retail division through which we offer shoppers campaigns with digital interaction in retail and have innovated through developing the first network of digital promoters from Romania and Europe.